In the month of October 2017, we read HOW TO BE A NIGERIAN by PETER ENAHORO. We loved the humour and we decided to expand the stories by starting our own HOW TO BE A NIGERIAN SERIES – THE KAWE VERSION.  


NIGERIAN WEDDING by Chinelo Nwangwu 

In Nigeria your wedding is not your own

It is for your mother

And her friends

Who sell lace and gold

At Idumota market

It is for your father

And his friends

Who eat nkwobi and peppersoup

At Mama Onitsha’s sports bar

It is for your brother

And his friends

Who need a family approved excuse 

For a Saturday night high

It is for your aunty

And her friends

It is for your sister

And her neighbour

And for event planners

And make-up artists

And fashion designers

Your wedding is for everybody 

But you…In Nigeria

Chinelo Nwangwu is an Engineer, a Writer and an Artist. 


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    Well articulated my sister. Most of us whose parents are crowd pullers gets scared.

  2. Reply

    Hahahaha!! Get to reception and the couple is ignored after the first dance and father daughter dance. All that MC joking and all are lost to the guests eating rice and chicken.

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